Top 18 SEO Tools Flooring Businesses Need To Boost Their Effectiveness

With SEO being an ever-evolving element of digital marketing, it is essential that flooring businesses learn how to use SEO to their advantage. While each of the above tools offers a unique way for you to reach more customers online, they may not be perfect for everyone.

1. Google Analytics

Your flooring business needs Google Analytics to track website traffic. This tool will show you where your visitors are coming from, what search terms they’re using and the pages they are visiting on your site.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an extremely important tool for anyone who owns a website. This SEO platform allows you to track your site’s visibility in Google search algorithms to show you whether or not your content is showing up to those who are looking for flooring businesses and services online.

3. Google My Business

The third important Google tool to use is Google My Business.  When people are looking for a flooring business, they may search on Google using the location of your company. The more information you add to Google My Business about your business (opening hours, address, contact info), the higher it will show up in searches and attract new customers!

4. Moz Local

With Moz Local,  you can track the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) of your business across a variety of online directories. Make sure all of your content is updated and accurate in order to rank as you need!

5. Screaming Frog

If you’re looking for a way to conduct an SEO audit of your website quickly, then this is the tool for you. It will give you all the information and insights that are necessary so that no stone goes unturned in regard to technical optimization.

6. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is the website for every small business owner who wants to track their rankings. Not only will you have access to your organic rank results, but also help with local SEO and map listings so that you can see what’s working in a detailed way!

7. WhiteSpark

An important aspect of local SEO is citations. WhiteSpark can find a number of them for you, and they’ll even set up these citations which will save you time!

8. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a website analysis tool that will quickly identify the high points of your site and make recommendations based on these findings. This may include fixing broken links or adding keywords where they are missing from strategically places areas like headers and titles.

9. Raven Tools

With Raven Tools, you can generate SEO, PPC, and social media reports from within a single platform without having to download or export data manually. The system pulls in all of your most valuable metrics including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager stats, Twitter follower growth trends across various regions.

10. All in One SEO for WordPress (AIOSEO)

This plugin will optimize your title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords for search engine optimization. It also provides backlinks to any posts that you have published on the site which is an excellent way of building links pointing back to your website from other websites.

11. Yoast SEO Plugin

This plugin can be used for more detailed keyword research to help you find the best keywords for your website. It provides on-page optimization like meta descriptions and title tags as well as a way to check if any pages are missing necessary tags.

12. Ahrefs

Ahrefs will analyze your own site’s backlinks and help you determine whether they are from legitimate sites or spammy. 

If any of the links to your website are coming from websites that Google deems as being spam, it can be difficult for a search engine like Yahoo! Search Engine (Yahoo!) to rank high on their results page without taking some extra steps first by removing any offending pages with these types of backlinks or disavowing them altogether if necessary.

13.  Majestic

Majestic is another great option for a service that offers both backlink analysis and indexing services for websites. 

14. SEMRush

When you work with an SEO expert, they will often recommend that you use SEMRush to monitor your competitors’ search engine performance both locally or globally in order to see if there are any areas of weakness where your company can surpass others in the market.

15. Moz Pro

Moz Pro takes the original version of Moz a step further with premium services including PPC Keyword Tool which will help you to find the right keywords for your search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, on-page analyzer, rank tracker, and domain analyzer that are all designed to enhance your SEO efforts. 

16. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo helps you to find out what types of content are most popular, who links to them, how much engagement they get from social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and more.

17.  Keyword Tool

This tool will help you find the perfect keywords for your business. Keywords are essential to any marketing campaign, and this is a simple way of finding out what people might be searching for when looking at your products or services. 

18. YouTube Analytics Dashboard

YouTube analytics dashboard gives you an overview of how well your account is doing with video advertising or performance – which is great if you are running campaigns for your company with video content.

Give each a try, see what fits with your overall business goals, and master the ones that you know work! In time, you will begin to see your business grow as you more effectively reach new customers online.

What do you think of our list? Any other SEO tools you would add to our top 18 tools?

Let us know!

5 Ways To Use Blogging To Boost Your Floor Coating Leads and Sales

If you’re a flooring contractor and want to increase your brand recognition and generate more sales, blogging is an excellent way to supercharge your marketing.

We hear you: Are blogs still a thing?

Absolutely! Blogs are one of the most powerful tools in a flooring contractor’s marketing arsenal. Blogging can be used as part of a larger strategy that includes SEO, social media, email campaigns, and other forms of communication with clients.

Blog posts vary in length from short tips on how to maintain your floors or keep them clean, all the way up through full-on guides about best practices for installation or maintenance for different types of flooring.

Are you ready to see the results of a powerful blogging strategy? Let’s break down the top ways to use blogging to boost your flooring contractor marketing:

Five Ways To Use Blogs To Boost Your Flooring Sales:

1. Blog About Your Services

One of the most powerful things you can do to attract new customers is to write posts about your services. If someone requires flooring, they will want to read about the services you offer and what makes them different from your competitors.

Blogging is a perfect way to establish a personal connection with customers, which is often more effective than any other form of marketing for flooring contractors.

2. Blog About Tips & Tricks About Flooring Installation

If you are a flooring contractor, people want to know more about your process. Blogging tips and tricks are a perfect way to provide valuable content that helps consumers feel like they can trust you before making an appointment with you in person.

Furthermore, blogging installation guides will help build your reputation as someone who knows the business inside and out. Whether you are creating a short tip blog about picking the right flooring installation materials or a full guide on how to install an entire floor, blogs are a great avenue for traffic and redirection to your contact page.

3. Give Your Customers A Behind-The-Scenes Look Through A Blog

Want to quickly build an online following that stays engaged with your brand? Offer a behind-the-scenes look at your business by blogging about the day-to-day operations of your flooring installation company.

Blog posts like these will give customers an up-close and personal view of how you work, what it’s like working with different materials, and what skills are needed for this type of job. Plus, they will love to watch how you build your business and discover why you are passionate about your craft!

4. Answer Commonly Asked Questions Through Your Blog

If you’ve been in business for more than a week, your flooring installation company has likely received questions from customers before.

Blog posts can help answer some of these common customer inquiries by detailing the most popular one-off issues or going more in-depth on caring for different materials like hardwood and carpet.

With these blogs at your disposal, you can quickly reach new and existing customers with high-quality blogs that they will want to read!

5. Offer Discounts In Return For Reading Your Blog

One of the best ways to incentivize readers and potential customers? Offer a promotion in return for reading your blog post!

Offer discounts, free consultations, or coupons on any future service after they have read one article. Blogs are great marketing tools that can be used as an incentive to want more information about you and what you do.

By including exclusive discounts and offers on your products through your blog, you can boost your traffic to your site and keep your customers coming back for more!

The Secret To Success? Stay Consistent With Your Blogging!

If you want to build up a successful blog, then consistency is key. Blogs are great marketing tools that can be used as an incentive to want more information about you and what you do.

Make sure that you build a list of possible blog topics and ideas based on the tips above, and start building a blogging schedule that allows you plenty of time to craft and publish your articles at a consistent rate. With luck, you will have new customers start pouring in due to your great marketing skills!

6 Alternative Strategies To Grow Your Floor Coating Business In 2021

Today’s floor coating industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. With so many businesses fighting for a limited number of customers, it can be hard to maintain profitability and growth over time.

Here’s the good news: it’s not impossible to grow your floor coating business, even in today’s digital-first economy.

As a floor coating business owner, you have to explore new methods of growth that will keep your company relevant in the future and increase your customer base. Here are some strategies for how a floor coatings business can grow their sales with more than just face-to-face visits:

1. Boost Your Social Media Presence

You may be wondering what digital marketing has to do with floor coatings. The answer is everything. Digital platforms such as social media allow you the opportunity to reach a larger audience and introduce your business to people who never would have come into your store otherwise.

For example, on Twitter alone, more than 330 million active monthly users engage with businesses daily. By using social media to generate interest in your business, you’ll be able to build a customer base that will continue coming back for more.

2. Increase Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Of course, there are other digital marketing options: email campaigns, search engine optimization, and advertising on various websites. All these methods have their benefits, and to truly see the benefits of digital marketing, you should have your hands in all of them to some extent.

Some of the benefits you can gain from digital marketing are that it’s relatively inexpensive, provides more visibility than traditional forms of advertising, and is easy to measure.

Consider starting up a new blog page on your website about relevant topics or company updates that include links back to your products or services. Connect with your customers through an email marketing campaign that includes exclusive discounts and access to insider content that they can’t get elsewhere.

When it comes to digital marketing, the only limit is your creativity!

3. Get Friendly With Video Content

Video content is a great way to keep your customers engaged with you! You don’t have to be a professional videographer either – simply break out your smartphone and start shooting!

Consider your video content as both a form of advertising and a method to engage viewers with valuable tips and insights about your industry.

For example, shoot a short video that explains how to properly apply a coat of floor coating in a particular business or residential property. Share your video on social media, on your website, or through your email marketing to add a bit of added-value content to your marketing materials!

4. Invest In Your Community

A great way to boost your business is by getting involved in the communities that you serve. Volunteer for charitable events, donate time or money at community fundraisers – even just offer discounts and deals regularly!

You’ll not only be helping out with an important cause but also creating goodwill among customers who are grateful for your contributions.

In a world that is hungry for social movements and engagement, making a difference with your branding is a crucial method to building brand loyalty and support.

5. Stay Educated On The Latest In Your Industry

It’s essential to stay on top of the latest innovations in your industry.

You can do this through reading trade publications and websites, networking with other professionals like you who are interested in innovation or checking out seminars that could provide information about new developments that will help you grow your business.

Don’t be afraid to invest in relationships with competitors who are impressing their customers with their methods. You never know what you can glean from connecting with other businesses in your area!

6. Invest In A Digital Marketing Agency

Investing in a digital marketing agency could be the best thing you can do to grow your floor coating business.

An experienced agency can help you focus on the best methods to build your business at its current stage. From website design to keywords and localizing content for specific geographic areas, a digital marketing agency can help you supercharge your floor coating business’s success quickly.

Not even sure where to begin with most of the ideas on this list? A digital marketing agency can help! They can provide social media management services customized to your needs and handle any email marketing campaigns that you need to run to draw in new or existing customers.

Get Creative To Grow Your Floor Coating Business

The best way to know if your new strategies are working is to continue measuring your in-person sales and growth. However, don’t forget that other mediums will help you grow your floor coating business if you get creative, stay consistent, and try new methods to reach customers.

What do you think? Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below, and let’s help build our floor coating companies together in the new digital marketplace!

Digital Marketing for Flooring Contractors: A Guide to Scale your Business

If you compete in the hypercompetitive world of flooring companies this year, you will need all the tools and resources you can get to make sure you put your best foot forward. With digital marketing, you can make sure you reach the best potential customers and build your brand’s reputation.

Are you ready to take your floor contracting business to the next level? Here is a short guide that will help you start taking steps today to scale your business with proven digital marketing techniques.

1. Do Your Digital Marketing Research

The digital marketing space is constantly evolving, so the tactics you use now could be outdated next year. It’s essential to research digital marketing trends in your industry and beyond so that you can stay up-to-date with what is currently working for other businesses like yours.

While this guide should give you the first few steps you need to build a solid digital marketing strategy, invest some time to read up on the latest digital marketing strategies. 

There are many online marketers, especially those who may have experience in your niche industry, who are putting out great content daily to help inspire your digital marketing goals.

2. Do Some Analysis

Before a doctor can give you a prescription to help you get better, they need to diagnose the issue! The same exists for your growth. If you don’t know where you need to improve your digital marketing, you may invest time and money into the wrong things.

Spend some time looking into your business website analytics and online engagement. This will give you more information on how people are visiting and engaging with your site or blog. This data provides invaluable insight related to digital advertising campaigns, so make sure not to skip over this step!

3. Supercharge Your Website For The Modern World

If you have been in business for any length of time, you likely have a website. However, have you updated your site in the past 5-10 years? If your business sees little interest through your digital channels, it may be due to an old or outdated website.

One of the first steps to building your business through digital media is with an updated website. Make sure that your site showcases the latest information about your business and has plenty of engaging content such as videos, photos, and text.

The goal of your website is to be informative and exciting while driving users to a “call to action” on your page quickly. This can be signing up for a consultation, joining an email list, or requesting more information about a product or service through the site.

If your website isn’t fast and easy to navigate, sprucing it up can be a huge step toward success.


You have likely heard of SEO, but do you truly know what search engine optimization is? It’s time to learn!

With SEO, you can help your website and other digital marketing tools rank higher on search engines. Getting your business on the first page of Google is critical to reaching clients looking for service providers in their area.

Search engine optimization helps you rank higher and advertise more effectively by using keywords relevant to what people search for when needing a flooring contractor or reliable installer.

There are many ways to boost your SEO: but today, we are going to cover a few digital marketing tools that will help you get started:

  • Keywords in your website text
  • Backlinking through blogs and articles to your website
  • Adding SEO markdown to each page of your website
  • Growing your online social media content streams

The best way to discover how your company is performing with SEO is to hire a professional digital marketing agency to perform an SEO audit and help you find the best ways to improve your rankings.

5. Start Using Email Marketing

You may be shocked to hear, but email is still a potent marketing tool!

Build an email list with interested prospects who have signed up to receive your company’s newsletters and promotions so they hear about new deals before anyone else does! Provide information that educates and offers solutions related to current events, industry trends, or other topics related to your services.

6. Get Social With Social Media

Social media has become a digital marketing staple in recent years, and you should take advantage of it!

Create profiles on all major social platforms to share updates about your business. Schedule posts at strategic times, and work with other connected people through these networks to grow awareness around your company.

7. Stay Consistent

Last but not least, use your newfound digital marketing skills and stay consistent with updates and content.

 It can be easy to feel overwhelmed quickly by the possibilities that come with digital marketing, but by taking it slow and staying consistent, you can build a plan that will help you boost your sales and grow your business in no time.

One of the best ways to grow your flooring contracting business fast is with the help of a digital marketing agency. They can help you build a digital marketing plan that will get your company on the map and growing – while letting you focus on the day-to-day of your business operations!

Are you seeing results with your new digital marketing strategy? Let us know how you are growing and any tips we should add to this list!

Why SEO Is Crucial For Local Contractors

Local contractors are in the business of building things. They build magnificent homes, office buildings, and other strong structures that make up our communities.

But what about their online presence? Local contractors need to build their online marketing if they are going to compete in today’s digital-first market.

If you’re a contractor looking to grow your business through digital marketing, then this article is for you. When you master your SEO, you can enjoy benefits such as more leads, clients, and revenue – letting you worry less about finding jobs and spend more time doing them!

Wait – What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This refers to the process of increasing your ranking in a website’s natural or un-paid search results, such as Google and Yahoo! The better your SEO, the better your ability to reach consumers online!

In the world of digital marketing, your success will rise and fall on how strong your SEO is online.

Why SEO Is Important For Local Contractors

Here is a list of what a website that has strong SEO can bring to a local contractor’s business:

1. You Will Have A Higher Google Ranking

Making sure that your local contracting company shows up on Google is more important than ever. If your SEO is vital on your website, you’ll be more likely to have higher rankings on search engines. This leads to more visitors and potential customers – which is a win for your business!

This also means that you can start customer acquisition campaigns with ads like Google AdWords while still making sure that people find your website when they’re looking up contractors in their area.

2. SEO Can Equal More Leads

If your SEO strategy is strong, you will likely get more leads as a result. This could increase revenue for the company and put them on stable ground to grow their business – which means they’ll have an easier time getting customers in the future too!

Strong keywords allow people to find your website when they’re looking for contractors near their location. The better your SEO is, the more likely you will pop up in their top search results.

3. You Can Find Top Quality Clientele

With great SEO, you can build better marketing campaigns for your business.

If you have a strong marketing campaign, your company will be easy to find, and people are more likely to reach out. This is helpful for small businesses and local contractors that want to find top clients quickly.

4. SEO Will Help Your Marketing Succeed

Did you know that at the root of a strong marketing strategy is SEO?

SEO is a great way to help your marketing campaigns succeed because it can drive more traffic to the website you’re promoting. You can gain more qualitative and quantitative feedback on what aspects of your services are getting the most attention when you get more traffic.

The more visitors you have online, the more you can fine-tune your business to reach the most valuable customers. This means that you’ll get more of those top-quality customers and be able to reach them with ease!

How can I boost my SEO?

It’s important to note that SEO is a never-ending process.

The more you invest in your online presence, the better it will be for your company and its customers. One way to ensure that you build a strong SEO presence online is with the help of a trained SEO agency.

While you an expert at local contracting work, SEO agencies are SEO experts! They know how to optimize your website and help you rank higher on different search engines, like Google! With the right partner, you can boost your online effectiveness – even if you have little to no digital marketing knowledge.

Boost Your SEO & Build Your Local Contractor Online Presence Today

So, now that you know why SEO can be crucial for local contractors in their digital marketing efforts, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start sowing the seeds of your local contracting success with some well-placed SEO techniques!

7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Flooring Business Website

Developing a Strategy

Keeping a flooring business running is not an easy job. The flooring industry is fast-growing and that means an increase in competition too.

You always have to keep up with the trends in order to stay above the competition. It’s easy to get drowned out and lose visibility- and that will negatively affect your business.

Thus, having a good marketing strategy can help you increase the traffic to your website and in the long run, more leads and sales for the flooring business.

1. Content Marketing

Blogging is a great way to attract traffic to your website. Creating quality content gives your business the credibility it needs to attract traffic. Digital content marketing for local contracting businesses such as floor coating is a great way to connect with potential clients and inform them about the services offered by your business.

PRO-TIP: You can request flooring industry leaders, local businesses, decorative concrete brands, and respectable bloggers to do guest posts on your website. They are likely to share the posts among their networks and therefore increase your traffic.

2. Optimize Your Website

It is important to remember that your website is still your top marketing tool. For any potential client looking to receive a free quotation for your services, they must first be convinced that you are professional and can deliver the results they want.

Your website is the best place to start.

By personalizing your website, you can greet your customers when they sign into your website. Try offering a free estimate, show successful before and afters, and most importantly, show testimonials of happy clients who have experienced your expertise in flooring. You may also consider adding a live chat for clients who are not ready to commit to an appointment but may have questions about your services.

3. Paid Advertising

Paid online advertising can help you improve on the traffic to your flooring coating business website. There are various ways to do paid ads including:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC), appear on the top of search results based on your keywords. It is much easier to target your audience by demographics such as location. Some of the most common avenues for PPC include Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo!
  • Social media Ad platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn offer opportunities for paid advertising. They help in increasing the visibility of your social media profiles and website.
  • Retargeting Ads is a way of placing ads so that people who were on your website can see it again when they are on other sites or platforms. It is a way of reminding them of your website and giving them the option of going back to it with a single click. It helps keep your brand in the front and leads to increased traffic.
  • Native Ads are placed on other websites to provide informational content about your website. It can be an infographic, article or video that links back to your website.

When doing paid ads, you need to consider the ad design, content, positioning and targeting, keyword selection and campaign management. The benefit of paid advertising is that the results can be measured and you can tweak them whenever necessary.

4. Quality Content

Visitors want content that they can relate to and easily digest. It may be tempting to use industry language to sound knowledgeable, but it will drive away traffic if they can’t understand what you are talking about.

The importance of having quality content on your website can never be understated.

It is also important to tailor the content to your audiences’ needs. Develop personas that fit into your audiences. It may take a lot of resources to conduct research on your target audience’s personas, but it will be worth it.

Understanding your audiences’ demographics and behaviors will help you tailor your flooring business website content to their needs and attract more traffic.

5. Online Reputation Marketing

Online reviews play a big role in search rankings. Search engines only want to give their users the most reliable results when they are looking for a service such as a flooring contractor. If your flooring business has not leveraged on that, now is the time to start.

Positive reviews mean a good reputation and that is likely to attract traffic. Statistics show that 90% of potential customers read online reviews and 67.7% will make a purchasing decision based on the reviews.

6. Email Marketing

One of the benefits of email marketing for any flooring contracting business is that it is an effective and inexpensive way to reach out to prospects.

The right email marketing strategy will get you organic traffic and qualified leads. You can use email to inform subscribers of new products or offers. The best thing about email marketing is that you can always customize the message to the recipient’s interests so it is easy to keep everyone engaged. It is a proven marketing strategy that has always bore fruits. Be as creative as you can with your email marketing.

7. Compelling Calls-To-Action

Creating a compelling call-to-action requires more than simply adding a “CALL NOW” button to your website.

Each call-to-action that you feature on your website should be strategically designed and properly positioned to convert as many leads as possible.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you add a call-to-action to your website:

  • Put the spotlight on your calls to action by minimizing clutter on your website.
  • Entice visitors by using action words in your calls to action.
  • Be concise yet specific with your wording so readers know exactly what they will receive

What is the best way to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads & sales for your floor coating business?

The surest way to attract prospects and generate leads, appointments, and sales is to seek the guidance of an industry expert.

By enlisting the support of a full-service digital marketing agency specifically serving the floor coating niche, you can rest assured that the seven strategies above will be implemented in a professional, results-driven manner.